Special handmade products for your little love ones

Hello! I'm Lola Homar

 a crafter who lives in Extremadura, Spain. I have a huge imagination and it pushes me to create since I was a little girl. Lucky me, I have lots of help because my workspace is shared with an army of cats and crew of dogs, with my baby Leo as the captain of everybody. They are my managers, my testers, my companion and the most important: my daily inspiration. Every product has been made under the demanding sight of one of my cats, when they are not sleeping…

Whatever baby-Leo comands, I obey; when he says “ta-da-prrfff” I’m in a hurry to make something special for him and for you too, can be a rattle or a furry friend. What will I imagine today?

Babebee borns ...

at the same time as I re-born as a mum because is when Leo comes to my life the moment that every child inspiration in my mind gets physical reallity. Before Leo arrived I was already sewing, but with him among us my desings become full baby-style, just sharing the fun and sensory stimulation with him at the begining, and then to make a job of it.

About Shipping

You can actually make your order from anywhere, just take a look to our shipping rates before.

Quality materials

I work to bring you the better choices of fabric, wood and other raw materials, including safety measures for babies.

Beyond Learn and Play

Each item is carefully created to provides a whole decorative experience, and even inspires to make a thematic zone. Go explore The Collections!

Nature inspired

We want to approach the power of nature inside your home!

frequent questions

Why? How? When?…
Ask as a kid. We will answer as a mom!


When you add some products to the shopping cart, a new page in etsy will be opened to finish the purchase, because is there where our real shop is.

From newborn to child, our products are designed for diferent growth periods, thinking of their skills or stimulation needings.

You have the posibility to order you product with the child’s name in several products, just look for the option in the article description. 


Behind the brand is a family team with a while experience among kids and each product, fabric or painting is chosen or imaginated by us. Those are our own design, our future legacy. 


Yes, this little point in this little city is us, but how well have we used the space!
Come to meet us, whole worlds are waiting for you.